AKR UPVC which is one of the best in manufacture UPVC Doors in Chennai. AKR UPVC supply a wide range of top graded Window that are used to in many sectors in Chennai. These Doors are fabricated with latest technology to ensure accurate functioning. All of our UPVC Doors are manufactured in our modern facilities to our customer's exact requirements. AKR UPVC , a pioneer in high performance UPVC Window service provider operating from Chennai. Performance of our UPVC Window are independently tested and certified to relevant standards. Due to this supreme quality, AKR UPVC Window is recognized as a leader in UPVC window suppliers in Chennai. Our continuous efforts are directed towards maintaining international quality standards in our assortment of Doors. AKR UPVC offer both customized and/or standard size UPVC Doors compliance with international standards meeting quality, safety, and design and usability requirements in Chennai. AKR UPVC the prominent UPVC Window dealers in Chennai. Our Vision is to provide the customers with the high quality of UPVC Doors that comply with commercial standards and principles. We assure the products which we deal, manufactured and sold will have 20 Years of Warranty for Complete Peace of Mind. We manufacture and install 100% Lead Free UPVC Products For A Greener & Safer property. AKR UPVC which we deal is trusted by India's Reputed Real Estate Developers & Builders. UPVC Doors are a cost-effective, durable, and safe option for your home,Company and industry.UPVC Doors are the most commonly used double glazed Doors in the India and their popularity in Indian homes, industry and company has been increased tremendously over the years.

Type Of UPVC Doors

Sliding Doors
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The Sliding Door is made up of two(or more) sashes that horizontally, to the left or right, on tracks. The doors can be made wider and taller with the addition of sashes. Moving effortlessly and quietly, doors close smoothly with silent system.


Customizable and Extremely versatile

Giant doors possible for large views

Multi-chamber system increases heat and sound insulation

Multi-point locking systems for enhanced security

Double and triple glass options for better insulation.

Hurricane bar option to withstand storms

Rain track and sill for insulation against rain

Casement Doors
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A beautiful and classic door design which is an evergreen choice, a single sash that is hinged from the side onto a frame and can be opened on either side. It can also be offered with dual sash, usually referred to as French door.


Extremely energy efficient

Ample sunlight and maximum ventilation

Airtight sealing to keep out noise, dust and pollution

Weather and termite resistant, doesn’t fade or rust

Multi-point locking for added security.

Customizable and Extremely versatile.